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December 21, 2017
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December 21, 2017
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Come Home to NA

Message from Glenn Waldorf ’90, President, Alumni Board of Governors

I’ll admit it: every time I hear Ed Sheeran’s “Castle on the Hill” on the radio, I get sentimental. (Maybe it’s some “home” song by Simon & Garfunkel, Phil Phillips, Phil Collins, P. Diddy or even Mötley Crüe that gives you that same feeling.) One of the places where I feel at home and am always glad to return is Newark Academy.

I also admit that I didn’t always love high school. If we all did, Hollywood wouldn’t make movies like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off or The Breakfast Club. I appreciate my education and experiences at NA more each year, and I grin every time I’m back on campus. As president of the Alumni Board of Governors, I’ve been lucky enough to observe a few cur-rent classes. NA’s teachers are still strong and set high standards for their students. I can see wheels turning in the heads of Middle Schoolers as they embrace new concepts in state-of-the-art science labs. Members of award-winning band and choral programs challenge themselves to reach new heights. Seniors impress with surprising insights, seeming wise beyond their years in humanities and English seminars.

While students face a rigorous academic program, they navigate their way past Newark Academy’s distinct milestones. These are some of the experiences they share that may sound familiar:

  • reflecting on the aims of an NA education during opening Convocation
  • figuring out the six-day schedule
  • checking the clipboard to see what that surprise note has to say
  • gaining the confidence to make a Morning Meeting announcement
  • going crazy during Spirit Week
  • getting to know teachers during lunch
  • cheering on Dr. Ungaro as he recites a Fibonacci sequence in his annual presentation
  • playing frisbee during free periods
  • connecting with a meaningful cause during community service
  • navigating the choices available in the dining hall
  • stretching the Dress Code as far as permissible

…and so many more!

We strive to give you opportunities to connect with students and teachers, and we strongly encourage you to return to campus.

While there has been considerable continuity in what a Newark Academy education has entailed over time, I know that NA has also continued to improve. The faculty keeps the curriculum relevant to today’s world and blends the teaching of fundamentals with the development of essential skills that will serve graduates 30 years after leaving our alma mater. Meanwhile, the Rise & Flourish campaign has dramatically transformed NA’s campus in a short period of time with new additions to the school and its athletic facilities.

The Alumni Board of Governors works to engage all alumni in the life of the Academy. Here are some of the many reasons and opportunities to come home to NA:

  • Attend a sporting event. Whether it’s a Friday night football game or an afternoon tennis match, NA sports bring out the best in student athletes and give alumni the chance to cheer for our Minutemen.
  • Come to the winter musical. NA’s talented actors are backed by equally talented musicians and a skilled technical crew, all of whom make the price of admission the best bargain in New Jersey.
  • Return for Homecoming and Reunion (October 13, 2018). There are programs throughout the day celebrating the women of NA and other important groups. The Alumni Award Ceremony high-lights our accomplished alumni for their professional, artistic and athletic achievements, and for their dedication to the school.
  • Be wowed by current NA students at the College Interview Night (February 28, 2018). The Board of Governors collaborates with the College Counseling Office to offer this event, where alumni meet with NA juniors, helping them practice for upcoming college interviews. You’ll have the chance to meet an impressive group of students who are gaining the tools and confidence to articulate their unique accomplishments. No experience is required. Contact enisenson@newarka.edu.
  • Celebrate Commencement as our newest alumni cross the stage. NA welcomes alumni who graduated 50 or more years ago to be honored at the Old Guard Luncheon and to participate in the graduation ceremony (June 10, 2018).

Once you come back to NA, you’ll love the way you feel. As you step onto the campus you’ll be singing, “I can’t wait to go home.”

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