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December 20, 2017
O Captain, My Captain
December 21, 2017
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Preserving NA’s Heritage and Legacy

The Archives Project

At its founding, Newark Academy’s goal was to provide leaders to forge a new and emerging nation. For more than 240 years, the Academy has influenced scores of young men and women who have become highly accomplished professionals, scholars and citizens of the world.

To ensure that Newark Academy’s rich and complex history is accurately captured and maintained, NA launched, in June 2017, an ambitious Archives Project. This project involves cataloguing thousands of items – from photographs and more than two centuries of meeting minutes to architectural drawings and antique uniforms. Once catalogued, documents from the archives will be digitized and three-dimensional objects properly stored and exhibited.

The Archives Project also includes an oral history component that seeks to capture “living history” through interviews with former Heads of School Dr. Allan Strand and Ms. Elizabeth (Penney) Riegelman, and former Chairs of the NA Board of Trustees (Jonathan Olesky ’74, William D. Green ’69 and Gary Rose). The Archives Project is scheduled to be completed in June 2018.

At their respective homes in Selma, Alabama, and Charleston, South Carolina, former Head of School Allan Strand (top) and former NA Board Chair Will Green ’69 (bottom) get ready for the filming of their daylong interviews.

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